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While all fences, whether made of vinyl or wood, or any other material for that matter, work to keep people out of one’s property, not all function to provide complete security. For instance, chain-link fences do not cover up the property at all but merely encloses the premises and prevents strangers from going in. Even some wood fences have gaps in between panels where passers-by can peek through. This, precisely, is why private or semi private fences have become popular among households today. If you are in or near Columbus and would like to have a private or semi private fence installed in your residence, we are the best company in the area that will gladly and professionally do this for you!

Why us?


We provide a wide selection of materials

We offer fences made of vinyl if you want something that is not difficult to maintain, wood if you want something more traditional and cost-effective, or other fence materials that will suit your need and preference and will comply with existing rules and standards.


We offer private fences in different heights and thickness

If you want narrower panels or a thicker or taller build for your fence, we will be more than happy to fulfill your needs. We offer a wide variety of fence heights and thickness, so we can surely give you what you have envisioned for your fence system.

We know the local regulations in the area

Some of you may not know, but there are local and homeowners association rules in place with respect to installing particular fences. Don’t worry—we are a professional fence company that has been complying and will always continue to comply with these existing regulations!

We offer the most competitive prices

Fence installation is intimidating for some, particularly because of the cost. This will not be an issue when you avail of our services! Our prices are fair and reasonable, without sacrificing the service and quality of the work.

We are a team of highly qualified contractors and professionals!

You and your property are in good hands when you choose to contract with us for your needs. Our trusty experts are very much accommodating, too, and they will gladly help you decide or answer any concern you might have about fence systems.

What are you waiting for? For the most affordable and reliable private or semi private fence installation in and near Columbus, Georgia, go and book with us now! Send us a message or give us a call to book or inquire.

We also service nearby towns and suburbs like Bibb City, Phenix City, Ladonia and more.


(706) 719 4400

Send us a message or give us a call to book or inquire