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Chain link fencing (similarly known as cyclone fence, wire-mesh fence, hurricane fence, diamond-mesh fence, and wire netting) is a preferred kind of fencing in the US. This type of fencing is great for anybody who needs to make certain that their home is secure, properly enclosed, and safe from any intruders or wild animals. It is also an outstanding decision if one of your goals is to ensure the protection of any children or pets/animals in your lawn or house. If you want a fence that enables you to have a view or if the fence is required for public places, like fields, playgrounds, zoos, or parks, this is a superb solution.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that this type of fence can provide little to some privacy if ever added as an option. Not recognized by many, a black or green windscreen may easily be incorporated to increase privacy. That being said, the fence on its own, without the windscreen, will definitely not have the exact same level of privacy as a privacy fence. In case noise is a problem in the area, you can consider putting in composite noise panels. So it is best to consider the several alternatives and find the best one for your needs and situation.

Added protection can additionally be incorporated by reinforcing the fence to the bottom of the ground. To get maximum security, barbed wire and razor wire can be combined to the fence as fence toppers. In addition, a chain link gate can also be put on the fencing, which is a great feature.



One remarkable advantage of this style of fence is that it is rather cost effective. In fact, it is typically more affordable than a wood fence given that it is easier to install with lower labor fees. It even does not require much maintenance either, which makes it even more of an economical choice. This can be the best option for you, if you’re on a budget.



We offer lots of designs, shapes, and sizes to select from, so we are confident that we can build the perfect fence for your property. Common height selection can go anywhere from 3 ft to 12 ft. There are also different color choices to decide on, like white, red, grey, black, green, and brown. This allows you the flexibility to match the style and appearance of the fence with the building, as a school establishment.


Easy Maintenance

Demands little to no maintenance! You will have to wash it with some soap and water sometimes, however that’s about it.



The most common materials are stainless steel and aluminum. But it’s more important to note that steel is more stronger out of the two.


Easy Installation

Installation is simple, therefore needing less time to install and overall cheaper installation fees

If you think of any more questions or concerns, feel free always call us and our fence specialists will be happy to help you. If you have made the decision that this is the right kind of fence for you and are searching for the best local fence contractors in Ladonia, call us to schedule your free estimate now!

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